Charging & Remissions

The Governing Body have approved a policy to cover charging and remission for school activities and school visits. The policy reflects guidance from the Department of Education and our aim to provide activities that are fully inclusive.

‘Inspiring Learning, Celebrating Achievement, Strengthening Community’





This charging policy has been compiled in line with DfE requirements and in accordance with s457 of the Education Act, 1996.


School Trips

  1. Day Trips

No charge will be levied in respect of day trips that take place during school hours or are part of the curriculum. (Also refer to section 8).

  1. Residential trips – Essential

For residential trips which are essential to the National Curriculum, statutory RE , a charge will be levied for board and lodging.

  1. Residential trips – Non-essential

For residential trips which are not essential to the National Curriculum (which cannot be charged for):

  • If the amount of school time on the trip is less than half of the total time of the trip, a charge will be levied up to the full cost of the trip.
  • If the amount of school time on the trip is half or more of the total time of the trip, a charge will be levied for board and lodging.


Materials & Textbooks

Where a pupil or parent wishes to retain items produced as a result of art, craft and design, or design and technology, a charge may be levied for the cost of the materials used. In the case of Food Technology, pupils usually provide their own ingredients, but if the pupil forgets, the school provides the ingredients and levies a charge. Textbooks are provided free of charge.


Music Tuition

The school may levy charges in respect of individual music tuition, and group music tuition, if the teaching is not an essential part of either the National Curriculum or a public examination syllabus being followed by the pupil. 50% discount is available to pupils whose families are entitled to free school meals.


Activities Outside School Hours

For activities outside school hours that are extra curricula and not funded by the school, a charge up to the cost of the activity will be levied.


Damage/Loss to Property

  1. A charge will be levied in respect of wilful damage, neglect or loss of school property (including premises, furniture, equipment, books or materials), the charge to be the cost of replacement or repair, or such lower cost as the Headteacher may decide.
  1. A charge will be levied in respect of wilful damage, neglect or loss of property (including premises, furniture, equipment, books or materials) belonging to a third party, where the cost has been recharged to the school. The charge will be the cost of replacement or repair, or such lower cost as the Headteacher may decide.


Voluntary Contributions

Where the school cannot levy charges, and it is not possible to make these additional activities within the resources ordinarily available to the school, the school may request or invite parents to make a contribution towards the cost of the trip. Pupils will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have made any contribution in response to the request or invitation. However, where there are not enough voluntary contributions to make the activity possible, then it will be cancelled.



The school will make its facilities available to outside users at a charge of at least the cost of providing the facilities. The scale of charges will be determined annually by the Finance Staff and site Committee. For users connected to the school, e.g. PTFA, the charge will be based on the site staff overtime costs should they occur or exempt if the governors so determine.


Other charges

The Headteacher, Finance Committee or Governing Body may levy charges for miscellaneous services up to the cost of providing such services e.g. for providing a copy of an OFSTED report.




If the parent/guardian of a pupil is in receipt of income support, income based jobseekers’ allowance, support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; or Child tax credit (providing that they do not also receive Working Tax Credit and have an annual income, assessed by the Inland Revenue, that does not exceed £13,230), charges in respect of board and lodging may be supported by school fund at the discretion of the headteacher No monies are to be given to the family only to the event facilitator on invoice receipt.


The Headteacher, Finance Committee or Governing Body may remit in full or part charges in respect of a pupil, if it feels it is reasonable in the circumstances.


The Headteacher, Finance Committee or Governing Body may decide not to levy charges in respect of a particular activity, if it feels it is reasonable in the circumstances.


If an activity has been charged for and is then cancelled the money received from parents/carers must be returned and not saved for another activity on another date. Therefore there is a need for a log of monies received and preferably a receipt sent to the contributor. Such a log must be an archived long term record for 24 months.


Our Primary School

Our children are fantastic, our staff are brilliant and we have a strong and active community of parents, friends and colleagues who all pull together to give our children the best possible education and experience of school. It is also great to be part of the Cathedral Schools Trust and to work with their South Bristol schools to the benefit of all our pupils.


All queries relating to the school and curriculum content should be directed to Miriam Fredrickson (Headteacher)


SENDCO, Mark Inskip Please see local offer under policies.


Headley Park falls within the Bristol City Council Local Authority Area


The school complaints policy is shown in the policies tab of this website.



Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at 1:03am
HEADLEY GREEN are ready for action!🙌

Final 'Bristol Together' @CommofPurpose session this afternoon with Evergreen Primary - LOVE the way our school representatives have bonded in the name of sport ⚽

Bring on the tournament in June!
HeadleyParkPrim photo
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 at 1:24am
☀ Beautiful day for a game of cricket! ☀

Loved our match with @Greenfieldeact this afternoon - some fantastic skill on display.

A great example of sportsmanship and fair play 🏏
#TeamHP #SportForAll #Proud
HeadleyParkPrim photo
Friday, May 17th, 2019 at 8:57pm
Our first 5️⃣0️⃣ mile runner T-shirts were given out in Praise this morning!

Fantastic #TeamHP examples of health and well being!

This school runs! 🏃
@_thedailymile #SportForAll
HeadleyParkPrim photo
Friday, May 17th, 2019 at 1:16am
Team GOLD and BRONZE for our #TeamHP Y3/4 gymnasts! 🏅

What a brilliant afternoon of gymnastics with @AshtonSSP
- the girls put in some amazing performances to also scoop individual 🥇🥈🥉!!

🤸‍♀️ Couldn't be more proud 🤸‍♀️
#SportForAll #ThisGirlCan
HeadleyParkPrim photo
Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at 2:32am
☔ Once again the rain didn't stop our brilliant Year 5/6 female cricketers! ☔

Third session today, we mastered catching and bowling 🏏

Can't wait for the @AshtonSSP comp. in June!
@ECB_cricket @WomensCricZone
#TeamHP #ThisGirlCan #SportForAll #Proud
HeadleyParkPrim photo

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