Physical Education

Physical Education (PE)

Our goal with PE, sport and fitness at Headley Park is to enable children to be healthy, fit and active; to acquire key sporting skills and to enjoy sport and exercise so that they will grow up to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The PE program is focused on fundamental skills such as co-ordination, balance and agility and provides an opportunity for children at all levels of attainment and talent to thrive in and enjoy sporting activity.

We place a strong emphasis on teams and clubs taking part in competitive events. We teach children to strive to win but also to demonstrate good sporting attitudes and teamwork and to build resilience and cope with not winning.  

We have an inclusive approach and provide the maximum possible opportunities for all children of all abilities to participate in a wide range of different sports.

PE staff at Headley Park have specialist coaching skills and provide CPD to all staff to ensure high standards of teaching in all PE lessons and training sessions. We develop coaching skills among children, with many of the older children mentoring and coaching younger children and assisting with sporting events and training.

We provide regular opportunities for children to develop their fitness and discover new ways to be physically active such as the daily mile, fitness days, yoga sessions and daily aerobics.