Our Vision

Mission, vision, purpose and habits


To ensure that every pupil at HPPS leaves our school with the ability and desire to learn more, unlock their potential and make their mark in the world.


Achieving excellence, strengthening community and building character for all.


We exist to ensure that all children have the opportunity to excel in their learning and develop character as part of a strong community. Everything we do at HPPS is led by these four key drivers:

  • Excellence
    We set high standards in all areas of school life so that all pupils produce work of the highest quality, develop mastery across the curriculum and achieve their full potential.

  • Character
    We build a culture rooted in respect where kind, open minded and honest individuals with real courage and integrity are nurtured.

  • Community
    We champion a sense of pride in our community and encourage all to find their voice, work together and contribute to the world in which they live.

  • Equity
    We firmly believe that all children can achieve. We take deliberate action to eliminate barriers to learning so that everyone is empowered to realise their full potential.


‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.’
Atistotle (384-322 BC), Greek Philosopher

At the heart of school life are the Headley Park Habits. These four habits are designed to reflect the qualities that pupils need to articulate and demonstrate in order to achieve excellence, be a strong member of our community, develop character and enjoy their time at school.

  • We are ambitious
  • We are responsible
  • We are respectful
  • We are safe