School Council

Our School Council aims to ensure our children have:

  • A forum to voice their concerns and act upon them;
  • An opportunity to take an active role in the organisation of the school; and
  • An opportunity to experience a democratic process.

Our School Council should encourage pupils to develop:

  • A sense of ownership over policy and practice
  • A consensus over school issues such as behaviour
  • A responsibility towards the school community and environment


Class elections are held every September. Two candidates are elected from each class in KS2 - one male and one female - and one representative from each KS1 class.


The School Council meet at least once a term and are given a budget each year. They discuss their ideas for how best to spend it, prepare a proposal, manage any delegated funds, and report on the impact of their spending. School council members will regularly speak with other children in the school to gather their thoughts and views on whole school issues.